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Self·ish                                                                                            *Click image for full view



adjective: selfish

(of a person, action, or motive) lacking consideration for others; concerned chiefly with one's own personal profit or pleasure.


   That's exactly how you'll feel as you're nearing your limit and your fishing partner's still trying to figure out how you're catching all the fish.

   With help from some of the best fishing guides in the midwest, these rods have put thousands of panfish in the boat. We started out building the perfect verticle jigging rods for Perch fishing and the line just evolved from there. Today, I offer 7 different models in multiple configurations to cover anything you need. I recommend the Sea Guide stainless guides over the ceramic for a slight weight savings. Light tackle and the relative light fighting nature of the target fish do not warrant ceramic guides. I still offer them as an option for those that prefer them.

   There are two handle options. The full grip features a hidden thread hood. The split grip is a soft-touch grip with a palm swell. Both are made for all day comfort.


Suggested Uses:

Ultra Light-Slow: Verticle jigging shallow water, live bait

Ultra Light-Moderate: Verticle jigging all depths, live bait

Light-Medium Fast: Mini crank, tube, live bait, finesse, twitch, rattle trap

Light-Fast: Tube, twitch, live bait, finesse, spoon, poppers



*All rods are made post-order. Currently, delivery dates are roughly 4 weeks from the purchase date depending on availability of components. Please call me directly if you want full custom work. There are many possibilities and final price will be calculated best with a phone call. Some of the custom options can be performed at little to no cost! Some options include but are not limited to: Overall length, handle design and material, custom cork, blank color, thread color, lettering and decals.



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