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Why Choose a Custom Rod

I’m often asked, “Why choose a custom rod over an off the shelf rod?” -Great Question! It’s the first thing anyone should ask themselves when looking for a new rod. While there are many nice rods produced for the masses, there are many small details/modifications that can be tailored to an individual. Handle design, wrap colors and guide selection can all be paired to an array of blanks to truly make a completed rod fit an individual. Often, customers are surprised that they can do this for a cost savings as well! I encourage everyone to start by reaching out a local builder in your area. Who better to understand specific fishing techniques popular to your area? You may be surprised how many of us there are! We all aim to please and will know many tricks-of-the-trade that make us all unique. Whether you reach out to me, or another builder, be prepared to answer many questions you never thought of. Come with an open mind and do some homework and your own likes/dislikes.

A word or warning, the world of custom rods is addicting. Once you start down the rabbit hole, you’ll never look back!


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